SG Backup


I have been very busy with life lately and so this project has been put on the backburner for me. Do not expect any updates in the near future.

What is SG Backup? (Official Project Description)

It is an intelligent backup solution for small scale needs. The aim is to create a solution that will be very easy for anyone to use, but still very customizable and powerful for those who want advanced features.

It is written in C++ using the ZipArchive and wxWindows libraries. Support for both Windows & Linux is planned. However, Windows support will be the first to be delivered.

The backup program will consist of both a console and a graphical user frontends. They will be simple and will basically ask the user which backup set they would like to backup. The backup sets will be defined in an ini file and will consist of a list of directories to backup along with optional include/exclude filters. The interface will also show the backup status and have the option to abort at any time. Along with creating the backup archives, support for burning them to CDs or uploading them to a remote computer is planned.

The restore program will also have both a console and a graphical front end. Features included in the restore app will be: search for files in a backup archive, easily restore all or any part of a backup archive, restore a directory to the state it was in from any of the dates backed up (not necessarily the last date backed up).

The project is already in its initial stages. A working prototype of both the backup and restore programs is already complete, (including CD Burning support with Nero installed). However, it is not ready to be used as a reliable solution.


Test it out!

Click here to download the prototype!

Where did SG Backup come from?

I, Andrew Grieve, originally created SG Backup for interest's sake, wanting to create a quality app to call my own and to further my knowledge of C++. However, being extremely happy with the prototypes, and having them save my neck a few times (backing up is a good idea), I decided not to abandon the project. Now, I am currently re-writing large parts of the program in order to make a future linux port an viable option, and to clean up the original code.

Feel like joining the project?

I'd be happy to have others help with the project. Being myself someone who is creating this as a hobby would be open to anyone of any talent joining the project. So if you want to, feel free to contact me! agrieve_at_uwaterloo_dot_ca

Screen Shots

The main screen of the backup program. Jobs are loaded from the backup.ini file.

The backup status screen. You can cancel at any time with no side effects

The "Easy Restore" tab of the Restore program.

The file browser tab of the Restore program. Here you can view what files have been backed up and information about them.

The file search and log viewer in the restore program. A very fast way to find out if all of the dates that files have been backed up on.